Help us create new and dynamic displays to educate our visitors about military service in every branch.

We are designing our museum to provide visitors with a family-oriented and engaging experience that instills an appreciation for and awareness of those who preserve our freedoms and protect our safety and way of life. Entities that have been instrumental in our progress to date are:

• Titan Development and Investments Inc., which has donated both financial assistance and space on the lobby level of the Hilton Hotel where we have installed a custom-designed exhibit that houses displays telling the stories of local people who have served in the United States military and emergency services.

• Several construction unions, veteran’s organizations, businesses, and individuals have donated both money and labor that has been a major factor in our success to this point.

• The Executive Director of the VESM Board of Directors has put in countless hours and effort to find the best company to build the display, create signs that explain each display, and assemble the exhibits.

• The Rochester Fire Department and Rochester Police Department, which have provided artifacts, uniforms, and other materials for their displays.

• Mayo Clinic’s Department of History, which has provided information regarding the clinic’s contributions to World War II by individual doctors and nursing staff.

The museum’s Board of Directors is working to find a location to build the museum and will need financial help for for the puchase of land the construction of that venue. We are now beginning a vigorous fund-raising drive to acquire the considerable capital necessary to bring this dream to reality.

You can be a part of this exciting project by making a donation using the
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